Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Fair the Fair!!

yeahp! it's that time of year again! However, the fair saturday was MUCH NICER than the fair this week is here in Magnolia.  We went to mom and dad's fair in Texarkana Saturday and I WAS ACTUALLY COOL! I KNOW?!! It was so fun though! This time last year, i was pregnant riding rides w/ Shelby. LOL..

this is the FUNNIEST thing I've seen.. Farmer Rhett and Farmer Shelby

Shelby wanted Daddy to ride the spinning elephants  and the slide w/ her but she wanted me to ride the rest w/ her and i GLADLY did! She got a HUGE kick out of Josh and I riding the Scrambler together...she said "Oh my gosh it went so fast and you were screaming more than I was on the other rides mommy!" Wish I had a picture of that!

Rhett wasn't so sure about the fair stuff and what it was all about! lol

Thursday, September 11, 2014

blog hiatus

yeahp... once again....dropped the ball on blogging... good thing I'm not a paid blogger because I would be BROKE! :) heheee...
so...hmm..what's been goin on w/ the Kee's....well, a lot of shuttling kiddos too and fro, work, Josh's work, dance, church and....well that's about it... so, guess this will just be a photo dump...which is all anyone wants to see anyway if you're like me! ;)
haha..this day, I decided I ran a daycare instead of a clean household...gave up on keepin toys and stuff out of the great room...

Shelby's first Friday Pep Rally at school..thanks to Story's for the shirt last minute!

what? you're not supposed to do it this way momma?

biggest feet ever!

He works sooo intensely!

SAU's first game/home game, Family Day..before it stormed...Rhett's first football game, we never even went to because it was delayed 2 hours and raining and on and on... lol.. shelby went though... :) for a little bit

"there's no crying in football"
JuJu and Sheebs were twinks at church Sunday..JuJu didn't do "duck lips"

now she did. :)
 Fall is at the Kee's...just wish the weather got the memo!
I LOVE pumpkins....

6 months old!

"I'm not in the mood for school today momma"

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Selfie Shelby

We are almost done w/ week 2 of Kindergarten and it's still all smiles and excitement each day going from her, given, she's very tired when she gets home from school and is still tired when she wakes up, but we are doing great!

her new thing is to take Selfies on the way to school.. such a fun treat to find when I get to work...

this was yesterday on the way to day 8 of Kindergarten (which I thought all day it was day 7 and she had to correct me after school, after her pic was taken. LOL)...

Silly Momma.. it's not day 7, it's day 8 of Kindergarten!
 and here was my treasure of pics I found today on my phone... lol DAY 9 of Kindergarten...

love the last one! :) So classy...so serious... so sweet...

Best Buddies

Best Buddies

January Sheebs

January Sheebs