Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pregnany & Infant Loss Awareness....

Before I get too serious...
it's teething craziness at the Kee household and it's been a doozy! No sleep for anyone, crying, slobbering, the works! :) However, we are all makin it!
Here's a photo dump of what's been goin on w/ the Kee Crew...
we call this his "Sexy Pose"...every morning he wakes w/ a smile like this. LOL

He's a busy little boy w/ his toys!

a rainy day at home on Monday called for total destruction of the playroom from these two!

If you're a friend of mine of Facebook, then you know all about Charlotte...we got to watch the neatest thing Monday. She re-spun her web and it was really cool to see!

Our little diva represented our realty company in this years program ad! What's funny is, she wasn't told to pose but did it anyway! :)

She's really enjoying ballet this year w/ Miss Lauren and Miss Karen.

Figaro doesn't seem to be bothered by the teething monster
 Today I've held our babies closer because it's Pregnancy & Infant loss awareness day. We lost a baby on my 30th birthday 2 years ago this February. You can read my post from that day here. It's still a daily struggle and something I will never forget but God has made me stronger because of it and blessed us w/ Rhett since our 2nd baby's passing. I will never get over this, and no one really does, but the wound has grown smaller as the days pass.  I still dream about this child. I never felt them move, or really even knew they were there, but for something so small, it sure does leave a giant mark and place in my heart that I long to have filled when I"m finally Home one day w/ our Lord and get to meet this precious one who's made my life all the more sweeter without even being placed in my arms.  If it weren't for this baby, I know, I'd never have the pleasure of having Rhett in our lives.
God has a greater purpose...

I will trust in You and will not be shaken... Whatever tomorrow brings together we will rise and sing!
 Amongst the hurt, life goes on...
Halloween has come and the costumes for the babies are in! My original idea was, since Shelby chose to be Elsa this year, that she would be Elsa, Rhett was going to be Olaf, I would be Anna and Josh, lol, would be Christoph...well.... that went out the window because #1 I do not have the time to make me an Anna costume, Rhett an Olaf and Josh a Christoph. #2, Josh THE
SO, we have a BEAUTIFUL Elsa that I ordered from

and, the Slobber Monster...
LOL Fitting...and it's gonna be fine...LOL...
I'm also Homeroom Mom for Shelby's Kindergarten class and got her craft supplies in yesterday! She and I practiced :)

It's sooo fun having a 5 year old, even w/ the drama we have over outfits, shoes and hair do's w/ accessories....

Hug your momma today and those momma's you know because you never know all the worry they have for you each day,the hurt they've experienced in their lives and the love they have as they've watched you grow...

Thursday, October 9, 2014

My cuties

This week has been a whirlwind of mommy worries, flu shots, Rhett turning 7 months, and busy schedules...

 This boy is a mess...pot!!! he's sooo full of personality and our laid-back baby... praise THE LORD! I LOVE this age...he's got a smerk though that WILL GET HIM IN TROUBLE ONE DAY, we just know it!

 Our beautiful ballerina got her very first flu shot at school (I've always taken the kids myself to get their shots) and she said it didn't hurt at all and she was soo proud of her Smiley face on her band-aid!

this little red head turned 7 months on Tuesday!

I LOVE how they love each other!

Pink Out at Kindergarten on Wednesday!
These babies make me smile, scream, cry happy & crazy tears, laugh, and just overflow w/ Joy EVERY DAY! God has TRULY Blessed us!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Counting blessings

This week has been ANYTHING BUT normal. Crazy is an understatement, but actually, what week isn't? LOL.. life w/ 2 kee kiddos is never a dull moment! :) Shelby's bubbly and vibrant as usual, Rhett is sitting up, babbling, says DaaDaa, is eating table foods and NOT baby foods, Josh is traveling a lot w/ work and I'm running like a chicken w/ my head cut-off not knowing which way is up or down.. LOL...
but I'm alive
have two healthy kiddos
a beautiful home
family that love me
friends that love me
a church family that we adore
a wonderful husband who puts up w/ my crazy outbursts and emotionally draining mood swings
and the list goes on...
the good outweighs the bad...
shelby celebrated Johnny Appleseed's bday in The Owl Room at Kindergarten Friday

Rhett's first time driving...only real men can pull-off driving sissy's pink coup!

already gets how to start it!

can't believe how grown-up she is

speaking of grown-up...Blanket is by: Scribbles and Stripes

Fun day of Mulegating w/ dance buddies at SAU

my co-workers got great pics of Shelby and I at Mulegating. She wanted me to paint her face

meet your SAU Mulegating Kiddie Corner Activity Director. LOL
a Sunday afternoon at the SAU Duck Pond

a boy and his John Deere boots...what more could ya want?
 This week has been filled w/ anxiety for me and tears but the good really does out-weigh the bad.  God has me in His hands and always will...I've just gotta trust Him and let Him have FULL control. The control freak in me doesn't handle this well... I let the little things get to me and then make them into big things... I'm learning and don't have it all figured out, probably never will, but GOD DOES and HIS WILL is perfect and divine.

Best Buddies

Best Buddies

January Sheebs

January Sheebs