Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Kee, Family of 4

We had the first family pictures taken since shelby was 10 months old, I KNOW, this past weekend. We had them out in the backyard by the woods and it was sooo nice and fast! My co-worker, Aaron Wallis, took them and they turned out soo great!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Rhett's 8 months

I'm behind on posting Rhett's 8 month posting but oh well...

On Nov. 7th he turned 8 months and is a handful! He's crawling now, he didn't have it quite down on his 8 months bday but he does now, this week he's started pulling up and wants you to help him so he can stand, he loves gettin into sissy's stuff, trying to get the cat, playing in his walker and jumparoo (which I'm afraid is going to fall apart cause he jumps so hard in it!), LOVES cars and trucks (he's all boy for sure and already "Vrooms" them), he's my texture child (he likes to feel things), he sleeps better than shelby did but isn't consistently sleeping well but for the most part, he WILL NOT eat any baby foods and now will not eat any foods period so we've gotta keep workin on that; he's happy w/ just his bottle, he wears 12 month clothes and some of the footy PJ's are a little snug at times, his hair is getting longer and I think will be more red than shelby's and I HOPE it curls like hers, he still only says "DaaDaa" but has definitely found his voice, I think I'm still his favorite person but his favorite little person is DEFINITELY his sissy; he adores her and he loves his daddy too very much! This little man is so different than Shelby was but it's so much fun experiencing all this newness w/ him. I love how he loves me. It's a different way than Shelby did and does. God definitely new I needed a little boy to love me.
Christmas will be fun this year! We got our decor 80% up and I have a feeling he's going to be all into it. Shelby never was but he's into everything! He does know the word "No" though. Whenever I say it, he stops what he's doing and looks at me, now I'm not saying he stops what he's doing entirely but he more so Pauses, looks at me, and continues on. LOL....
Rhett, you're my favorite little man and I'm so glad to be your momma...

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fall, Rodeo & football....

I love fall and this time of year! I love how the wind blows my hair, the leaves are the most amazing colors, the animals have an extra pep in their step and Oh... I'M NOT SWEATING!  I'm NOT a summer gal.  I love cool air, boots, cardigans, a fire in the fireplace, hot tea, the colors of fall, blankets, footie pjs on the babies, jackets and that my hair does sooo well! LOL..

We had our annual SAU Rodeo this past week and shelby LOVES going! Rhett stayed home w/ Mammy because it was a little too dusty and chilly for him! Shelby wants to be the Mulerider, a barrel racer and show horses soo bad. Looks like I'm going to be lookin into lessons soon!

the rodeo clown came up  in the stands w/ shelby and her friends to dance w/ them...they were not all about dancin w/ this guy but laughed their faces off instead!

thank you Steve Ford for this pic of Shelby :)

taken by my friend and co-worker Aaron Wallis

taken by my friend and co-worker Aaron Wallis

taken by my friend and co-worker Aaron Wallis

The last football game for SAUwas this past Saturday and it was in El Dorado against Henderson State University, The Murphy USA Classic. This was the first football game (this season) that both kids stayed at the whole time. This was Rhett's very first football game! They had so much fun and even though we lost, we didn't give it to HSU! It was a great game and it was chilly!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


This weekend was Shelby's very first dance competition team event. The team all went to Little Rock to KAR where they spent all day Sunday in dance classes. They took lyrical, musical theatre, ballet, hip hop, jazz and tap. I was apprehensive cause that was A LONG day and a lot of class, but for the most part, they all did great! Shelby wasn't too fond of lyrical but did it anyway.
I love that she always got in the front and had the biggest smile on her face! Shelby and I rode w/  her BFF, Joci, and her mom, Tashia and spent Saturday night in LR together. They had such a fun time together. This was Joci's first time to ever stay in a hotel and she did great! She and Shelby have different sleeping habits, but we all do, and they eventually went to bed. Tashia and I did not LOL... Josh booked our room and we were shocked to see that we were on the Penthouse floor and had a balcony overlooking the entire city! It was awesome!! It was nice to spend time w/ Tashia too. A little mommy time was nice!
 Over all, KAR was awesome and so were our little "Petites!" They compete for the first time in February and I'm already getting a little anxious and nervous, but these girls love it and can't wait to see them perform!

Shelby was STOKED about the view....Joci....not so much... but it was stunning!

these two started out this way but there was too much fun being had and 6:30am would come waaay too early so they cuddled their mommas :)

for some reason this made me cry seeing them walk to their classes

seeing all the dancers, big and small, stretch and warm-up together was breathtaking

Mommas be tired....

we have the best studio!! :)

this was one of shelby's favorite teachers! she taught their Musical Theatre class. I think she liked her cause they danced to Frozen's "Fixer Upper!"

you can see my little "lime" cheesing right above the teacher

Jazzy Cats

Hip Hop divas

Best Buddies

Best Buddies

January Sheebs

January Sheebs